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A Hot Tub From Backyard Living Will Benefit Your Immune System

For many of us, the winter months go hand in hand with colds and flu. Once temperatures drop below freezing and the days and nights blend, we accept we are likely going to feel run down and sluggish. We find ourselves reaching for vitamins to try to feel a bit better. But what if we told you that a Beachcomber Hot Tub can be the perfect way to boost your immune system year-round?

Steps to a Stronger Immune System

There are numerous ways to encourage a healthy immune system. We are told to exercise, eat well, minimize stress, and get enough sleep. For some people, this is not always possible. Busy lives or physical limitations can make it difficult to achieve some or all. When you add a hot tub to your home, you are making immune-boosting activities effortless. 

Increased Blood Circulation

Improving your circulation has many positive effects on the body.

  • It quickly delivers oxygen and nutrients to your body cells while removing waste
  • Faster blood flow means higher production of white blood cells to fight off infections
  • It acts as a natural detoxifier—chemicals and toxins are removed from your skin during perspiration and blood flow
  • Better Sleep

    Getting a good night’s sleep is important to ensure that your immune system is strong and ready to fight any threats. There are many ways to optimize your sleep:

    • Putting your phone away at least 30 minutes before you go to bed
    • Removing distractions from your bedroom, e.g. TVs, laptops
    • Increasing the natural production of melatonin


    Incorporating a consistent exercise regime into your life can boost your immune system in different ways.

    • Increases immunity cells and makes them last longer in the body
    • Improves cardiovascular health, which improves overall health throughout the body
    • Raise your body temperature, which prevents bacteria from growing

Hot Tubs and Immunity

You might be wondering where a Hot Tub From Backyard Living Centre comes into this. Well, studies have shown that hot water therapy can cause a boost to overall immunity.

  • When we submerge ourselves in water for 15—30 minutes a day, we increase our blood circulation. This creates more antibodies and white blood cells and helps wash away the harmful toxins that leave our bodies.
  • The drop in temperature when we leave a hot tub encourages greater production of melatonin. This improves the quality of our sleep, meaning our bodies are more capable of fighting diseases.
  • Exercise isn’t always accessible to everyone, but a hot tub soak is a safe and gentle way to incorporate more activity into your day.

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