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Beachcomber Hot Tubs is a family-owned, Canadian manufacturer based in Surrey, BC, and has been handcrafting hot tubs of the finest quality, best value, and unparalleled comfort since 1978.

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Living Healthy, Living Happy

The benefits of hydrotherapy have been known for thousands of years. With the power of nature’s healing agents – heat, water and air – enjoy a deeply relaxing hydrotherapeutic experience in a hot tub. All it takes is just a 15-30 minutes soak, to improve your general physical and mental well-being. From relieving muscle aches and pains, to releasing endorphins to naturally boost your mood, to promoting a restful night’s sleep, and many more – learn about the many health and wellness benefits of hot tub therapy.


We could all use a little extra energy. This is why so many people love Beachcomber Hot Tubs – the hydrotherapeutic jets give us that little boost when we need it most. But most people only want to use the absolute minimum energy that’s required, which is why we take key measures to ensure maximum massage jetting therapy, proper insulation and low energy consumption for low-cost operation. The end result – maximum warmth with minimum energy.

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