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  • Foam Free (500ml) – De-foamer

    Beachcomber Foam Free is a rapid de-foamer designed to dissipate and suppress suds and foam in your hot tub water. A squirt of Beachcomber Foam Free will suppress foam instantly on contact.


    • Shake for best results. Use sparingly.
    • To eliminate foaming, squirt a small amount of Foam Free on the surface of your hot tub water
    • If foam re-occurs after a few minutes, repeat the application
    • Note : if continual foaming occurs, the hot tub may have be drained and refilled with fresh water

    Water Balance Parameters

    Foam is usually an indication of high TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) level, low calcium level or a dirty or plugged filter. If foaming persists, test your hot tub water to see their levels.

    Beachcomber 6 Ways Water Test Strips

    Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) level

    Total Dissolved Solids is a measure of how saturated, tired or well used the water has become in a hot tub. The TDS reading tells you when you can dilute existing water by adding more water, and when you should drain and re-fill your hot tub.

    A TDS level reaching 1500 ppm can produce foam.

    Solution: Drain and start-up fresh or do partial drain and fill with fresh water. Beachcomber Drain&Fill Kit


    Low Calcium Hardness

    Calcium levels should be maintained between 150 – 200 ppm; water that has a low calcium hardness level will foam more than harder water.

    Solution: Increase Calcium Hardness level to 150 – 200 ppm by adding Beachcomber Protect.


    Bather load

    Any detergent based product that enters the hot tub will cause foam. People and swim suits always have trace amounts of soap, lotion and detergents that are constantly introduced into the hot tub water environment.

    Solution: Eliminate foam by rinsing or cleaning the filter, super chlorinating, or performing a partial or full drain.

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  • Neutralizer (500ml) – Sanitizer Eliminator


    Beachcomber Neutr-All is a liquid sanitizer eliminator. Called Sodium Thiosulphate in the industry, this product completely disables any active Chlorine or Bromine in the hot tub water. It is so powerful in fact that it will instantly reduce or completely neutralize all the sanitizer – making it very important to follow the correct dosage on the label. Overdosing with Neutr-All can affect the free available chlorine reading on your next fresh fill. Neutr-All makes the hot tub water safe to drain on plants, flowers or grass.


    • ! Overdosing with Neutr-All can affect the free available chlorine reading on your next fresh fill
    • Before draining your hot tub, test the sanitizer level. Beachcomber 6 Ways Water Test Strips
    • Add 30 ml of Neutr-all per 1000 L of hot tub water to decrease the sanitizer level by 1 ppm – Wait 15 minutes
    • Test the sanitizer level and add Neutr-All to completely eliminate the sanitizer from the water


    Always follow the directions in the Beachcomber Hot Tub Owner’s Guide, for proper draining procedures. One rule to observe when draining is to test the hot tub water to ensure Free Available Chlorine / Bromine is not present. Active sanitizer in your hot tub water can damage grass, plants and the surrounding environment including ground water.

    Never attempt to drain or partially drain a hot tub with source power on. It can be easy to get busy with other things and forget about a hot tub that is being drained slowly. Failing to turn power off can lead to costly damage to hot tub equipment or property, or could cause injury. Ensure that the source power has been turned off before attempting a partial or a full draining procedure.

    Avoid draining a hot tub in the winter; draining or partial draining before cold weather sets in will allow the owner to get through the winter without the need to drain the hot tub.

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  • Ph Plus (600g) – pH Increaser


    Beachcomber pH Plus is a granular product that increases the pH of your hot tub water. It effectively increases the pH of pool or hot tub water to keep pH in the correct range. The correct pH range is from 7.2 to 7.8 which will prevent eye irritation, corrosion, scaling and staining, helping to increase the efficiency of the sanitizer.


    • Adjust pH to a range of 7.2 -7.8.
    • Add 4 g of pH Plus per 1000 L of water to increase the pH by 0.2

    Water Balance Parameters

    pH (7.2 – 7.8)

    pH is a measure of how acidic or basic the water is. If the water is below 7.0, the water is acidic. If the pH is above 7.0, the water is basic.Acidic water can cause pitting of the heater element, and can damage the equipment. Basic water forces the calcium dissolved in the water out of solution, causing cloudy water and scaling.The pH also has a dramatic effect on the sanitizer effectiveness in the water. A high pH level results in greatly reduced sanitizer effectiveness.

    Factors that can contribute to a pH change

    Addition of fresh water, rain, bather use, chemicals, dust, algae, neglect, improper testing, a drop in alkalinity, carry-out or splash out, evaporation and body lotions, soaps and oils.

    What to do ?

    • Increase the pH using Beachcomber pH Plus
    • Decrease the pH using Beachcomber pH Minus
    • Increase the pH if Total Alkalinity is low, by adding Beachcomber Resist
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  • Pipe Cleanse (500ml) – Pipe Cleaner


    Beachcomber Pipe CLeanse is an all-new effective pipe cleaning formula for Beachcomber Hot Tubs. It does not contain any copper, and will not stain surfaces. Pipe Cleanse does not have the ability to kill bacteria; its job is to loosen biofilm, deep within the piping of a hot tub to allow it to be drained away. This product flushes out an amazing amount of biofilm and bather waste from pipes, leaving a cleaner hot tub for a better experience.

    1.  Loosens biofilm to allow it to be drained away
    2.  Loosens grime and scum to allow to drain away
    3.  Comes in a single, one time use bottle
    4.  Neutral pH to allow for safe handling


    • Use one bottle of Pipe Clean for hot tubs up to 430 US gallons, approx. 1650 Litres
    • This product can also be used for swim spas. Application is one bottle per 1650 Litres
    • Turn the hot tub heat down, remove the microfilter and use Neutralizer (sanitizer eliminator) as directed. It makes the hot tub water safe to drain
    • Ensure that all jets, water features and air controls are in the open position
    • Add Pipe Cleanse and allow to circulate for 24 hours with cover closed
    • Drain the hot tub, washing and wiping down hot tub inside walls
    • Open the gravity floor drain to allow as much water as possible to drain away
    • Refill and restart. Ensure to rinse microfilter 2-3 times in the next 24 hours
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  • Protect (500g) – Calcium Hardness Increaser


    Beachcomber Protect is a granular product that helps protect your hot tub equipment and parts by ensuring that the calcium hardness of your hot tub water is in the correct range. Keeping the calcium level in range prevents corrosion of metal equipment and parts. The correct calcium hardness range is from 150 – 200 ppm which will prevent corrosion or calcium scale.


    • Test and Adjust Calcium Hardness to 150-200 ppm. Beachcomber 6 Ways Water Test Strips
    • Add 15 g of Protect per 1000 L of water to raise Calcium Hardness by 10 ppm
    • Mix Protect with 4.5 L of water, stir well, then pour around the perimeter of the hot tub with the circulation system running

    Water Balance Parameters
    Calcium Hardness is a measure of the amount of Calcium present in the hot tub water.

    Typical problems when the Calcium Hardness level is out of range

    • Soft water (water with a low Calcium Hardness level) is corrosive and damaging to the equipment in a hot tub.
    • Hard water (water with high Calcium Hardness level) tends to form scale on the surface of the hot tub and on the heater element, and makes the water feel gritty to the touch. Hard water is often the cause of two problems. The first, and less costly is that scaling can occur which causes the hot tub’s surfaces to feel rough. The second and more costly problem is that hard water can significantly impair the heating ability of the hot tub heater element. Calcium is such an excellent insulator that the scaling of Calcium onto a copper heater element can, over a short period reduce the efficiency by up to 50%. Think of a large seashell – made of solid Calcium, they perfectly insulate and protect these ocean-dwelling organisms at deep, cold levels.

    What to do?

    • Increase Calcium Hardness with Beachcomber Protect.
    • Decrease Calcium Hardness with dilution, or adding water of a lesser hardness.
    • Areas with high Calcium Hardness may require water from the home’s water softening system, or trucked in water with a low Calcium Hardness level.
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  • Protect 1.7kg

    PROTECT 1.7 KG

    PROTECT 1.7 KG
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  • Pure Blue (1L) – Water Clarifier


    Beachcomber Pure Blue is a highly concentrated liquid water clarifier. Through the process of ‘agglomeration’ (to gather together), Pure Blue can clear your cloudy hot tub water and restore its sparkle. Borrowed from the swimming pool industry, its formula is specifically designed for hot tubs to coagulate, or gather together suspended micro-particles in the hot tub water. It forms masses large enough to be caught by the Microfilter. The regular use of Pure Blue as a preventative measure, will help keep your hot tub water clear and sparkling.


    • When Pure Blue is added be sure the filter circulation system is on and is allowed to operate continuously for at least 2 hours

    Initial fill

    • When your hot tub water is initially filled or returned to normal operation, add 30 ml of Pure Blue per 1000 L of water


    • Add 30 ml of Pure Blue per 1000 L of water
    • In case of cloudiness, it may be necessary to add an additional 60 ml per each 1000 L of water during the week

    Tips – Cloudy water Solutions

    • Filtration : the pumping system in your hot tub moves the water through the microfilter to keep it clean.
      Checking your filter each week and cleaning it regularly is the key to having clean water.
      Beachcomber’s microfilter is easy to take out and clean and is an inexpensive item to replace. Most filters last 2-3 year.
      See our Beachcomber’s microfilter kit to preserve and clean your microfilter.
    • Filtration cycles : many hot tubs have programmable filtration cycles.
      Leaving your hot tub on a longer filtration cycle allows your filter to work longer to ensure clear water.   Your pumping system will draw the water through the microlfilter often, allowing the fibers in the microfilter to do more filtering.
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  • Purezyme (1L) – Water Clarifier


    Lotions, oils, fats and dirt are released from your pores into the water. These products can cling to the side of the hot tub, often forming scum line or clogging the filter. The result is cloudy water, poor filtration and odor. Formulated with a natural source of enzymes, 100% biodegradable, Purezyme breaks down these organic contaminants improving your hot tub water clarity and eliminating scum. It also acts as a strong deodorant, removing odor from your hot water. Purezyme keeps your hot tub water clear and sparkling with natural enzymatic action.


    • Add Purezyme in the evening to allow 6-8 hours to do its work
    • Set filtration cycles for better circulation
    • Avoid shocking and adding Purezyme  together, give it the time to do its job

    Start up 

    • Add 100 ml of Purezyme per 1000 L of hot tub water


    • Add 100 ml of Purezyme per 1000 L of hot tub water once a week or as needed
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  • Relent Beachcomber Hot Tubs


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