Bromo Tote


Beachcomber Bromo Tote is a water care program for daily and weekly treatment for your hot tub water. It contains the sanitizing and conditioning products to operate your hot tub utilizing Bromine as the primary sanitizer.

This kit includes the following products : Floating Dispenser, Bromo Discs 2 kgs, Bromo Blast 900 g, Eliminate 500 ml, Eliminate Plus 1 L, Purezyme 1 L, Pure Blue 1 L, Foam Free 500 ml, Test Strips, Hydro Mop, Filter Savers, Measuring Cup and Signature Scentsation Fragrance sample.

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This kit includes the following products :

  • Floating Dispenser : for use with bromine discs
  • Bromo Discs 2 kgs : slow dissolving bromine sanitizer discs that create a bromine residual to control bacteria and algae in hot tub waters
  • Bromo Blast 900 g : disinfectant, kill bacteria, viruses and pathogens, prevent the future growth of these organisms
  • Eliminate 500 ml : prevent the staining of iron, copper and magnesium
  • Eliminate Plus 1 L : prevent decrease of Calcium Scale, protect hot tub equipment and parts
  • Purezyme 1 L : eliminate scum and improve water clarity
  • Pure Blue 1 L : water clarifier, keep your hot tub water clean and sparkling
  • Foam Free 500 ml : dissipate and suppress suds and foam
  • Soft 900g : water enhancer that creates soothing comfortable water, improves water quality, and helps stabilize pH levels.
  • Test strips : bottle contains 50 test strips, you are able to test your Total Chlorine, Total Bromine, Free Chlorine, Total Alkalinity, Total Hardness and
  • Hydro Mop : enhance water clarity by absorbing oils from the water surface
  • Filter Savers : catch and trap debris for removal
  • Signature Scentsation Fragrance sample : hot tub fragrance, enhance the hot tub soaking experience with natural fragrances
  • Measuring Cup