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About Backyard Living Center

Locally Family owned and Operated

A family owned and operated hot tub store company in Saskatoon, SK, Canada. Backyard Living Center is passionate about health and wellness and helping families and friends connect and spend quality time together.

Our new hot tub warehouse is situated in the North industrial area of Saskatoon. We are the closest hot tub store to Warman and Martensville. Hot tubs are always in stock.

Please read the Back Yard Living FAQ section at the bottom of the page to learn more about the Canadian built spas./ hot tubs we sell and stand behind

About Sheryl & Matthew

Sheryl and Matthew Harras were both raised in Saskatchewan. After spending some time in BC they decided to move back home to be close to family. 

It was during their move to Williams Lake, BC where they ended up with their first hot tub. Sheryl was someone who did not want a hot tub. She thought they were expensive to run and has sensitive skin (so she didn’t even think she could use a hot tub). It was Matthew who convinced her that they should buy the home even if it had a hot tub. 

Fast forward 6 months and she was selling Beachcomber Hot Tubs at the local hot tub store and has been ever since!

About H2O Spas

A Canadian owned and operated hot tub company in Surrey, BC, Canada. H2O Spas is committed to service and innovation while remaining mindful of it’s environmental and social impact. Utilizing the best materials including specialized cabinets, thermal insulation, and low energy consumption pumps demonstrates the commitment of manufacturing a line of spas to the highest quality standards. We are sure you will enjoy relaxing and feeling the therapeutic benefits of one of our outdoor spas for years to come. H2O Spas strongly believes the importance of giving back to the community, “Make a Wish Foundation” and “World Vision” is just part of our ongoing commitment.

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