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FAQs About Hot Tubs Answered By Backyard Living Center - Part 1

Is the jet count important to the operation of the hot tub?

The number of jets in a hot tub determines how much water flow is needed from the pump. Jet counts in excess of 55 jets give rise to more horsepower, less efficient pumps, which inevitably increases the cost of operating the spa. If a spa with more than thirty jets is not adequately powered the result will be low pressure, leading to inadequate water flow, resulting in weak jet performance.

Be aware of being misled over jet counts, a jet may have one orifice or up to ten orifices. Jet count means actual jets not the number of holes within each jet. For instance, a hot tub with one hundred orifices in fact may only be ten jets each with ten orifices. At H2O spas we count the number of jets, so in our spa lineup, a hot tub with thirty jets will have thirty separate molded jets. The pump size is in ratio to the number of jets, not orifices.

What make and model of Spa will best suit my requirements?

This question is difficult to answer unless you have a predetermined requirement like how many people will be using the spa. This will answer the first part of the question and determine the physical size of spa you need.

  • How much space have you allocated for your spa? Is it close to the house? If it is too far away from the house, it will not be used as much as if it is within 20 feet of the house. Remember location, location, location! Being too far away will deter you from using it in our cold Saskatchewan winter.
  • Visit your closest manufacturer’s dealer store and collect as much information as possible including any literature. Make sure you ask for information on the running costs of the spa during normal use.
  • Be aware that some manufacturers call their spas “8 man” when there are clearly only 5 seats with jets. As a simple rule of thumb, count only seats with jets when calculating the number of useable seats in the spa.

Remember that each person also needs leg space. The superior size and depth found in the footwell of an H2O spa allows you to put your feet directly down in front of you in a natural seating position. This allows everyone their own foot space. Never buy a spa without sitting in it with or without water to assess the seating comfort.

How many jets should a spa have?

Jets work to stimulate blood flow to tired muscles. It is not necessarily the case that more jets are better.  Jet positioning is far more important than how many jets you have because it’s the positioning that decides where the water stream lands, preferably, on your muscles and not your skeleton. Look for jets to work in pairs, massaging muscles on each side of the spine.

What is the difference between an air jet and a water jet?

Again as with jet counts, air and water jet counts can be confusing. Some manufacturers install small air outlets into the spa and count them as jets. They are in fact not jets but air ports intended to add ‘bubbling’ to the spa water. They have no significant value, in as much as they just release air into the water giving the impression of therapeutic value, where in fact they just cool the water. It is another way for a manufacturer to show an increased jet count deliberately misleading the customer. The air jets have no mechanical operating controls and therefore are either on or off. When cool air is drawn in through the small ports of the jet and exhaled into the spa it gives the impression of rigorous jet action when, in fact, it is just cooling air being injected into the spa. In particular, be aware of spas for sale with literally hundreds of jets, they will probably have a large percentage of air-only ports.

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