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What to consider before purchasing a hot tub- Part 1

Does the company that you’re considering buying a hot tub from offer service, maintenance and repairs in-house? What are their fees to repair or service?

We recommend shopping local from a company that services what they sell. Some companies will charge significantly more for parts, their hourly rate, and service call-out fee, ask before you buy so there are no surprises.

What is included in the hot tub start-up kit? How long will the start-up kit last? Is there anything that you’ll have to buy in the first 1-3 months?

Chances are you’ll want and need a second filter so that you have a backup when you’re doing a deep clean of the filter. You’ll also need products to raise and lower alkalinity, PH, etc. If the start-up kit doesn’t include those items you might want to budget or at least be aware that they are products you will need.

How does the company support you after you’ve received the hot tub? Do they offer water testing? How do they support you with your water balancing?

Look for a company that cares about its customers and offers support after the sale. There is a bit of a learning curve, especially in the first month of owning your first hot tub. It’s nice to be able to call, email or text a water care specialist if you have any questions. Even better is having someone reach out to you to see if everything is going

Does the hot tub have a circulation pump? Why is this important?

Having a circulation pump is very energy efficient (it also saves you money).

-It circulates and filters the water 24/7 cleaning the water constantly (cleaner water means easier water care).

-It is whisper quiet. We had our last hot tub about 6 feet from the foot of our bed and couldn’t hear it.
Do they offer a free site inspection before delivery? Before the installation date, will a technician come out and take a look at your yard, make recommendations of where to place the hot tub, go over what options you could consider for the base, make sure they can safely get the tub in place, and answer any questions you have?

What does the hot tub delivery include?

Do they drop the hot tub off at your curbside and leave you to deal with getting the 800-pound hot tub into place in your yard? Or do they put the hot tub in place, fill the hot tub and give you an orientation so that you know how the hot tub works and how to balance the water?

Are there proprietary parts used in the hot tub? Is this a good or bad thing?

If proprietary parts are used you are tied to that store to buy parts. Proprietary parts are usually much higher in price than parts that can be purchased from any pool and spa store. What happens if the store is closed for a long weekend, or they don’t answer their phone in the evening and you have a leak? You could call us to fix it, but if it’s a proprietary part we wouldn’t have it, and chances are, we wouldn’t be able to order it.

See their selection of in-stock H2O Canadian-made premium spas at their showroom on Brodsky Avenue, or visit their website for more choices and information on hot tub supplies, hot tub care and maintenance and service. Take it from us… you will not be disappointed!!!

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